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So mike Winstandley mike mast and I have completed the overland trek. Some details:

50+ miles walked
3 45-50 pound bags
6 nights camping
All food hiked in
6 leeches (one in mast’s ear)
1 tallest mountain in Tasmania summited
Lots of wallabies
A few wombats
A qual (spelling?)
2 days of dreary rain
4 days of sun

All in all a great trip. Pictures soon when I get home to the states.


We returned to Hobart today to pick up mike mast. We spent the day preparing for our big trek (groceries etc).

We took a little time to go to mt Wellington (again) and had a great view. A trip to a brewery and we were quick to bed. Tomorrow off to lani and the start of our trek.


I cam to Tasmania to do the Overland Trek. As a warmup we have done a number of warmup hikes around taz. We just got back from our 4 day “luxory” hike. The Bay of Fires is a 4 day walk in northeast tas. On this hike we had two guides and did not need to hike in a tent, sleeping bag, or food. It was a little scary how heavy my bag still was.

The hike was really nice along the beach (but into a head wind the whole time) but the food was great and the sleeping locations excellent. The last two nights we stayed at a beutiful lodge overlooking the ocean.

The same company does something similiar for the overland trek, but that feels too much like cheating.


After taking a break and reading (while Winstandley hiked in the rain — good call by me) we headed to launceston. As the second biggest city in taz.

I actually like it better than Hobart. There is a great gorge swimming area that is a small hike away. There were people walking around town and we found $2 beers for happy hour. What more could you want.


Woke up in a fog. I guess we can consider ourselves lucky that this is the first time I had moisture on my tent in the morning.

Ben Lomond is a national park and a ski resort. We drove the area to see what we can see (not much due to fog). Winstandley just took off for a hike to the highest peak. I am taking this one off. Rest day for the leg with 10 days of hiking to go.

I’ll read while he hikes and then we will go try and see the ski resort again (burn off mist).


Woke up to start our hike up mt Amos. 1500ft overlooking wineglass bay. It was cloudy again (as it has been most mornings) but it mostly cleared as we sat at the top of the hill. After the hike we drove up to another national park that is also a ski resort.

This is our last night of camping before the overland trek. Some dinner and some cards and an early bed.


Monday we traveled to the famous wineglass bay. It has been voted one of the top beaches in the world. My leg hurt so we decided to go kayaking. We did a great trip at sunset and really enjoyed the water.

After some fish and chips we were driving back to the tents when I hit and killed a wallaby 😦 I was driving pretty slow and basically stopping every 2-3 min to let something cross the road. One jumped right into my tire. I am still saddened by this. Animals in tasie simply have not seen enough cars. They have no clue how to get out of the way. Let alone jumping into a moving vehicle.


After setting up our tent we quickly met the couple next to us who were from holland but currently live in Melbourne. The amount of alchohol and food that we brought to the island was stagering and we quickly had a large feast. Large feasts while camping leads to early bed times with no fire. I think I was sleeping by 9:45

The next day we did a hike up 2000 ft to what was supposed to be a great lookout. Unfortunately all we saw was clouds and mist. O well we got some exercise.

The island was quite nice and I even entered into the ocean for the first time. But quickly ad it was cold.

After taking the boat back we arrived in swansea for a nice dinner and a bed.


Today was mostly a travel day. We awoke to the sounds of the ocean and did a small hike along the beach. We then traveled back north, through civilization (where we got some supplies) and up the east coast of tas. We then took a boat out to Maria island where we set up our tents.

Tomorrow we hike this island and then take the boat back at 5. Starting to feel the left leg again. I am stretching as often as I can.


Today we drove into fortescue bay on the Tasman pennisula. Its a really nice beach with a campground. After taking a 5 mile hike (that constantly had us going up and down hills) to Cape Hauy we finally arived at the Totem Pole. I had read about this pole. It’s basically part of the cliff where the rest or the mountain has fallen away. Basically it’s a piece of rock that sticks up into the air (like a pole). Inread about a climber who fell while climbing the pole in some adventure magazine. It was interesting to see. On the way back we saw a wild porcupine.

We then started to practice for our big hike. Dinner on the camp stove and sleeping in the tents. Everything seemed to work great (although the weather was perfect).

At night the wallabys come out looking for food. I was still excited to see them, the locals seemed bored.