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Fortescue Bay

Today we drove into fortescue bay on the Tasman pennisula. Its a really nice beach with a campground. After taking a 5 mile hike (that constantly had us going up and down hills) to Cape Hauy we finally arived at the Totem Pole. I had read about this pole. It’s basically part of the cliff where the rest or the mountain has fallen away. Basically it’s a piece of rock that sticks up into the air (like a pole). Inread about a climber who fell while climbing the pole in some adventure magazine. It was interesting to see. On the way back we saw a wild porcupine.

We then started to practice for our big hike. Dinner on the camp stove and sleeping in the tents. Everything seemed to work great (although the weather was perfect).

At night the wallabys come out looking for food. I was still excited to see them, the locals seemed bored.


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