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Travel Day

January 29, 2010

Today was mostly a travel day. We awoke to the sounds of the ocean and did a small hike along the beach. We then traveled back north, through civilization (where we got some supplies) and up the east coast of tas. We then took a boat out to Maria island where we set up our […]

Hartz Mtn

January 27, 2010

Finally left Hobart today. We went down southwest from the capital to go for a hike. We started at some foresting area (where they told us they were planting our future — how nice since they just cut it down) where we saw our first wild wallaby. He hopped right by. We then decided to […]


January 25, 2010

Arrived Monday to find mike Winstandley at the hotel (no beer in hand, but that was quickly rectified). We have a month here together to see the sights and do the overland trek. Mike mast will be joining us in two weeks for the trek. Until then mwinstan and I will be taking a car […]